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Our Story

We’ve been sailing for nearly 20 years, if there’s one thing we know very well, it’s providing unforgettable cruises for people from all over the world!

Check out our video to see our routes and the wonderful places we visit.

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MEDITERRANEE 41 was  born in one of the most modern and technologically advanced boatyards in the world, which has been producing vessels with unswerving commitment and passion since 1870. By pursuing a process of continual evolution, and investing in quality, CRANCHI achieved Quality Systems Certification in accordance with ISO 9001 International Standards well ahead of their competitors.

The generous fittings and decor are clear evidence that no corners have been cut: the quality of materials and perfect finishings set new standards others will only be able to imitate. Careful ergonomic studies made it possible to determine the ideal location for every item, making a major contribution to the boat's comfort and ease of operation.

MEDITERRANEE 41 is a harmonious blend of technical innovation with the know how and craftsmanship which the CRANCHI trademark has come to represent. The result is a solid, reliable vessel capable of providing you with an extraordinary on-board comfort.

Length hull overall
Length of hull
Waterline length
Bridge clearance
(with navigation light)
Draft to keel
Draft to props
Dry weight
Fuel capacity
Fresh water capacity
(incl. boiler)
Toilet/Shower rooms
Max. Speed
Cruising speed
Range (cruising speed)
Cruising speed consumption

:m. 12.90  (42’4”)
:m. 12.11  (39’9”)
:m. 10.20  (33’9”)
:m. 3.84   (12’7”)

:m. 2.85   (9’3”)
:m. 0.73 ca.  (2’4” approx.)
:m. 0.95 ca.  (3’1” approx.)
:kg. 8250 ca. (Lbs 18150 approx.)
:1880 ca.  (Gal. 194 approx.)

:1430 ca.  (Gal. 95 approx.)
:Direct shaft propellers in tunnels
:knots 29 approx.
:knots 21.5 approx.
:10h approx    215 miles approx.

:2 X 10 gal/h approx.
:Diesel Volvo Penta
2 X TAMD63P (2 X 370 HP)